Man made aquarium filtration

Man made [tag-tec]aquarium filtration[/tag-tec] is a term I use when describing filtration devices which are not naturally occurring. This is equipment which is used to grow or culture the bacteria required to provide an efficient [tag-tec]aquarium filter[/tag-tec].

Good examples of man made filtration are but not limited to :

  1. External Canister Filters
  2. Internal Filters
  3. Fluidised Filters.

The majority of man made filters effectively follow the same principal and the majority of them utilise both mechanical filtration and biological filtration.

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  1. This was an informative discussion of filters.
    Fluidized Filters are rarely discussed, however they should be as they are one of the more efficient nitrifying filters avaialable. I have not observed any de-nitrifying though (removal of nitrates), as when properly installed in an aquarium with disolved oxygen levels over 5 ppm there is plenty of oxygen for nitrification (and too much for de-nitrification).
    The same holds true for the often forgotten sponge filter and the over rated bio wheel.

  2. Quite right carlrs. Nitrate reduction needs a near oxygen free environment.
    Maybe sponge filters are too non-tech for marine aquarists? Could have a use on quarantine tanks though?
    Thanks for your comment.

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