The Plenum – A Viable Aquarium Filter

A [tag-tec]plenum[/tag-tec] is similar in nature to that of a [tag-ice]deep sand bed[/tag-ice] but the design and creation is somewhat different.

So I guess the question is – what is a plenum?

Well a plenum is a space which is located under the substrate which separates the substrate from the bottom of the aquarium. This space is full of both water and organic waste as the water is diffused into it. A plenum system is also sometimes referred to as the Jaubert system. It is often referred to as this because it was discovered by a man called Dr Jean Jaubert. [Read more]

  1. This information was very usefull .thankyou

  2. Your very welcome. We’re always glad that site information is useful.

  3. How long does it take after the tank is setup with this filter before it starts working and removing nitrates?

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