Aquarium Software To Assist You With Your Aquarium Maintenance

Maintaining the aquarium is an important aspect to this hobby. Fail to properly maintain the aquarium and ultimately it will quickly start to decline ending in livestock which is either unhappy or ultimately near to or at death.

Both John and I are both strong believers in having a proper aquarium maintenance regime and also recording the relevant details so that trends can be identified and potential problems identified prior to them becoming serious.

Personally I record the relevant information in a notepad when I am taking the relevant readings and transpose them into Microsoft Excel. From the records maintained and recorded throughout the month/year I am able to graph them and also perform other calculations.

I also record other information such as dates when fish and corals were purchased, when equipment was purchased, when certain aspects of equipment are to be replaced and also how much electricity I am using.

A lot of aquarists do not record any information at all. They simply take the readings and if they are ok forget about them until next time. If a reading is incorrect then they probably attempt to rectify the solution until the reading is correct and then again forget about them.

At the moment I am attempting to find a developer to assist me in the creation of an online maintenance/logging system. If we do go down this route then we are hoping to add this to Aquarists Online Social as a free service for all of our visitors to use. Hopefully this software will do everything I currently do in Excel but with a bucket-load more functionality. This is something which we are researching and not something which we are definitely going to be doing but I believe that there is a huge gap for an online multi-user aquarium management, recording and tracking system. Perhaps there is one out there in the vast world of the internet but so far I have not been able to locate one.

I believe that this is a tool which could and should be used by a lot of aquarists. Not just saltwater aquarists but also our coldwater and freshwater friends.

There are quite a few aquarium maintenance software tools currently available on the internet so I thought I would make a list of some of them so you could decide for yourself if you wanted to use such a tool or not.

It needs to be noted that some of these are free and some of these have a charge associated against them.

Doctor Aquarium
Micro Marine Software
Aquarium Lab
My Aquarium Log
Aquarium Instruments
Automated Aquarium Systems
Aqua Log
ReefCon Pro
Tank Keeper
Aquarium Fish 2.0

There are probably others which are also available. If you know of one which is not listed then please either contact us so that we can add it or leave a comment below.

If you do not decide to use software to assist you with recording various aspects of your aquarium then I hope that you will at least choose to utilise at least a notepad.

  1. Very nice article, this is one of the things I slack on a lot and is very beneficial thing to make a habit.

  2. Good post, Peter. Posting a link from our blog to yours on this one.

  3. Great advice peter. I too have been thinking about obtaining an online logging system for I remembered something from a Fish’n Chips issue some time ago and searched for aquarium log at I found an existing online logger at You have to register and then enter your aquarium parameters (all of them) up front. Be prepared to take some time to enter everything! I haven’t used it yet, but just thought Id post it here for others to check out.

    Dave Broughs last blog post..Calico Cat – Tiger

  4. Very interesting information you have provided in your article.

  5. Glad it was of use.

  6. There’s also available.

    It’s web based, so very easy to access and available on smartphones, iPads too.

    It’s free and doesn’t require any IT skills to download and install on your computer.

    Worth having a peek at as well.

  7. Hello Alex. Thanks for that.

  8. Hello John. Did you ever find a developer to help with this?

  9. Hello Jonathon.
    Peter is the computer wizard and he did not move forward in the end as he became heavily involved in some non-aquatic ventures and still is.

  10. Hi again John. This is actually something I have been considering doing myself and combining my experience from my day job (computers) with my newish (< 2 years) hobby (175 litre marine tank) to develop an online application which is more than just a tool for recording aquarium maintenance and measurement for individual users.

    With potentially 100s, 1000s or even more users there is a vast amount of data I believe that could be collected and used to correlate various factors to identify particular trends in keeping aquaria on a global scale that would enable aquarists make more informed choices about their aquariums.

    Of course, nothing can replace the knowledge and experience gained through years of keeping aquariums and there is much to be learned by speaking to others or reading about their advice. But, it is not possible to speak with every knowledgeable person or read every publication/article/forum/blog and often there is much contrary, conflicting and confusing information out there. So ultimately I would say that the majority of aquarists only learn what works through trial and error and at their, and perhaps more importantly, the creatures they keep expense.

    So, I might be reaching for the stars here but I envision an online application which can collect the vast wealth of data out there which can then be used to answer aquarists questions based on actual data from their own and others aquariums. For example, based on a particular aquarium setup with a given set of inhabitants what would be a suitable new inhabitant? Or, what effect on water parameters could a new piece of equipment potentially have to improve water quality?

  11. Hello Jonathon. Sounds like a good idea, a sort of marine aquarium hobby Wikipaedia.

  12. Hi John. Not a wiki such as wikipedia or a blog like yours but more of a data aquisition and analysis tool with which users can run reports and queries, generate graphs and determine trends based on statistically significant data (i.e. lots of numbers) collected over a long period by many users rather than anecdotal evidence gathered in blogs/forums or other discussions. I’m currently in the early stages of designing a suitable database schema and the corresponding user interface using MySQL, PHP and Flex.

  13. One of the things I want to be able to do is see how the life expectancy of various species is affected by things such as tank volume, water parameters, other inhabitants etc so aquarists can compare their tanks to see how compatible a particular species would be.

  14. Another thing I am planning to do is to allow aquarists to rate the compatibility between their different specimens so they can be compared according to age, size, tank volume, introduction time etc to enable suitable stocking plans to be made. This will probably be on a simple 5 point sliding scale according to the frequency and agressiveness of interactions between specimens.

  15. How is your project coming along Jonathan? I would be interested in helping with website hosting and visibility. If you are interested email me at [email protected]

  16. Hi, I have a 220 gallons salt water aquarium, do you believe that I can add to my tank a regular shrimp?

  17. Hello. The size of your aquarium certainly won’t be a problem. I assume a ‘regular shrimp’ is one of the well known marine hobby ones such as a dancing shrimp, or cleaner shrimp, or boxer shrimp etc.
    First of all, it’s obviously important that there aren’t any fish or other life types in residence that could see the shrimp(s) as food.
    Shrimps are best in a reef system as they can make use of the rock formations. It is possible to keep shrimps in a fish only system but it is not recommended as it is more likely the creature will be harassed and that there will be insufficient rockwork.
    As with all creatures, the seawater quality needs to be high.

  18. Hi David, I am still in the very early stages of development so quite some way from having something ready to go live yet but many thanks for the offer – it’s nice to know there is some interest in what I’m doing. I will post periodic updates here and let you know when I have something ready for testing. BTW animal world looks like a really good website.

  19. So far I have got a preliminary database design with about 50 or so tables with various relationships linking them all together to enable me to record and describe the various things I want to be able to track (specimens, equipment, measurements, etc). I am now starting to do some mock ups for the interface design and building the logic to communicate between the database and interface.

  20. Wow, looks as if you have a pretty lengthy list there. Are you still working on this project? I have a friend who is very tech/ap savvy who has been considering a similar project. Working with Neptune controllers I believe is essential.

    One thing I would really like to see some ap or website do is to notice change in ORP levels. Setting an alarm for ORP can be difficult, but if it were to note a sharp drop or increase that would be much more helpful. For example if the level is at 400 I could care less, but if the level is at 400 and a second ago it was 450, then something changed significantly quickly and I want an email and or text about it.

  21. Hello. My son Peter is the computer whizz kid, certainly not me! He is not now involved with aquarium software but very heavily involved with other commercial variations not connected to aquariums. Or maybe you were talking to Jonathon……!

  22. Hi Jon and John,

    Yes I am still working on my project to develop a multi-user web-based application to record/report/query/graph the various aquarium data.

    At the moment I am working on an interface mock up using Adobe Flex and hopefully in the next few months I will have a Flash demo available.

    Real-time monitoring of water parameters is theoretically possible and something I have considered but with regard to my project would be something to be implemented further down the line hopefully.

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