Aquariums Are So Relaxing

I have to admit that I have had an absolutely atrocious day at work today. So much to do, so little time. Everyone wanting something doing and I have to try and prioritise what to do first and for whom.

It was no surprise that I was glad when the time came for me to leave the office and go home.

Getting home I spent some quality time with the family, playing games with Joshua before putting him to bed.

At this point my mind started slipping back to work, the things I have to do tomorrow, and did I get everything done today which I hoped to do.

I felt a headache coming on…

Off to the aquarium. I fed the fish, checked all the corals and the equipment and then just sat there nice and quietly and watched the life in my own little ‘slice of the ocean’.

The fish were going about their day looking for food, playing in the water currents and diving in and out of the rocks. The corals were gently swaying in the currents with their polyps all out looking for food and light.

A beauty to the eyes.

Have you noticed though that when you move the fish notice you and all come to either the front of the aquarium or to the waters surface waiting for their personal chef, the hand of the aquarists to deliver some food to them. Then as soon as you sit still again they go back about their business.

It was not long before all the pressures of work slowly started to go away. They appear to dissolve into the water!

I must have sat their just watching the aquarium for hours enjoying the life which I am responsible for, looking at the corals which are growing under my care.

Absolutely fantastic, there is no other word for it but fantastic.

  1. I totally agree with you. I enjoy sitting in front of the aquarium and enjoy seeing the fish, the corals swim and play around

    In fact watch the fish eat is quite pleasant to me

    I tell you the best combination is a nice clean and beautiful lit aquarium, glass of wine, good soft instrumental music

    I try that at least once a week. Good therapy…



  2. Nice to hear your story

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