Aquascaping Designs – Be Creative

When it comes to the time when you are ready to [tag-tec]aquascape[/tag-tec] your aquarium you will have to make your mind up as to which design you would like to make.

Quite often people, and I have seen it a lot, place the rock into the aquarium and basically create a wall of rock. Although this type of design may be appealing to some people it is not that appealing to me. In my opinion they do not look that attractive and to be fair not that natural.

If you go diving on any of the natural reefs you will see some fantastic structures – quite often they are very basic in design.

I think if people spent a little more time planning the aquascape they would like prior to ‘scaping’ it then they could come up with some great designs.

For example you could drill holes in the rock and attach them together using piping to form pillars of rock of which corals could be placed all the way round.

Another way might be to create a central building block in the centre of the aquarium so again you have the entire structure to place corals on.

With both of these structures there is one thing that you will have no issue with – water movement.

If you are at this stage (or coming to it) then why not have a look at some coral reef pictures and then draw the design you would like. It does not have to be anything fancy – just doodle on paper and then try to assemble it in the aquarium.

The basis of [tag-tec]aquascaping[/tag-tec] the aquarium is quite straight forward. You want to achieve the following :

  • Build an open structure
  • Have places to place/attach corals to
  • Provide places for the fish to hide/retreat
  • Be natural
  • Be stable
  • Be aesthetically pleasing

You also need to have a look back at how you are going to place the rocks into the aquarium – will you be placing them directly onto the glass. Will they bes standing on/in the stand. Will you be elevanting them off the floor.

To assist you in your creativity I have listed some ideas of mine below.

  • Use branching rock and build a structure which looks like the roots of a tree
  • Use plating rock mixed with ‘boulder’ rock and create a structure with flat plates
  • Create pillars of rock
  • Create a structure which is high on the left and right leaving an open structure in between
  • Create a sloping structure from left to right or right to left
  • Create islands of rock
  • Create caves

These are just a few I have come up with and there will literally be hundreds more. Use your imagination and come up with a great [tag-tec]aquascape design[/tag-tec].

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  1. Absolutely! Reefs don’t look right when they just go ‘left to right’, like a heap that’s just been put in in one go. They’re a bit like a shop counter. There are some very successful ones, but wouldn’t it be a lot more attractive to imaginatively design them. Also, as Peter says, a different more open design will allow better water flow.

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