As Well As Our Aquarium Forum We Have Also Revamped Our Aquarium News Area

Over the Christmas period we merged our gallery with the forum and added lots of new features to turn the forum into more of a community area.

We have also been looking at our ‘news’ area of the website and given this a bit of a spruce up.

We have enabled a messaging system, a buddy system, a new profile and lots more to this area of the Aquarists Online website.

Most of all though we have given the news area a completely new look.

So what is the news area for and how can it help you?

There is a term on the internet which has been talked about for quite a while now – this term is Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is a term which effectively stands for community, sharing and interaction. This is a priciple which we have tried to follow on the entire Aquarists Online website. We allow and actively promote comments on the blog, we run a forum which is based upon discussion, the gallery in the forum has a rating and comments system and the news area enable submission, voting and comments.

As we all know the internet is a huge place with lots of information, articles and news available to read – both good and bad.

The news area is a location where you can submit information, articles, news etc which you have found to be good – effectively you are sharing this information with others.

It’s like a centralised location of useful information if you like.

What you can do on this is you can read the submissions which other people have submitted and if you like it then you can vote or it. The more votes a submission gets the more popular it is and therefore is more useful.

The more votes a story/submission gets the longer it stays on the first page of the relevant category for. The submissions which receive no or little votes do not stay on the first page.

Therefore this means that this area of the website allows for easy access to informative information, information which is submitted by you and voted on by you.

Another bonus is that if you have an aquarium related website yourself then you can submit your content onto this site if you feel it is useful and informative where it can be viewed and rated by Aquarists all around the world. This will also give you the benefit over time of increased visibility as well as potentially increased traffic. Something all webmasters aspire for.

Personally I believe that this is a valuable addition to the Aquarists Online website. I hope that you will find it useful and am absolutely positive that over time it will become a centralised location of aquarium related news, information and articles.

If you are interested in finding out more about this service then visit the link below, register as a member and start submitting and voting.

Let the submitting and voting begin!

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