This website has been quite quiet for a while and there’s good reasons for this.

First of all there was a sad loss of a much loved family member. Then Peter’s workload, which had been steadily increasing for quite some time, really needed attention. It became quite obvious that some time management was urgently called for.

The first consideration was, should this website be closed down completely. We have been advised on many occasions that the site is a really good resource for new aquarists and many more experienced ones too. So a full close down was rejected.

The next consideration was to reduce the size of AquaristsOnLine with a view to me (Peter’s father) looking after it. I have no technical skills with computers at all though am fully capable of operating them. Peter would be available for any technical problems. This is the choice that was made.

So AquaristsOnLine has been downsized to Blog, Articles and Forum. The more commercial parts have been transferred to Peter’s other websites.

Blogs should appear as time passes on various aspects of marine aquarium keeping that are of interest to beginners. Questions can still be put on the Forum as usual, and reference made to Articles for more information.

Having said all that, I’m off for a two week break shortly. We’re going to Rhode Island as it is an area we haven’t explored. Soon be back though.