Christmas Aquarium

     Christmas aquarium? We’ll get to that.
     Throughout the year the marine aquarium is fascinating. There’s work involved on a regular basis of course, but this work is undertaken for the most part willingly and with enthusiasm. ‘For the most part’, what’s that supposed to mean? Well, nearly all the time in my case, there are occasions when a delay occurs to a routine seawater change etc because there is a requirement for garden work or whatever and on that day the sun is shining, tomorrow it might not be. There’s no harm in the occasional short delay.
     On occasion there are visitors and they usually notice the aquarium, it’s in the hall, nearly everyone passes it. A recent visitor was a man delivering a new TV. The TV in its packaging was placed in the hall temporarily and he declared he was an aquarist and had three aquariums, all freshwater, and was about to open a marine one. He looked at my aquarium for quite a long time and said ‘Wow, there’s a lot of growth in there’. We chatted a while, not for long, then he remembered he was at work and needed to go.
     My aquarium has been running for sixteen years and so is very mature, giving a lot to look at. As said, maintenance is done regularly. Christmas aquarium, what does that mean? It means the maintenance will be done as an extra even if not due just yet, or I’ll be subject to unwanted interrogations. Interrogations? Yes, by my grandchildren. I don’t mind the questions, but not on ‘What’s that yukky stuff on the glass then?’ and the like. That’s not allowed! If I don’t do the maintenance in time, never mind the beautiful fish, the lovely corals and the various algae types, I’ll get the unwanted questions.
     So the maintenance is done in time. I very carefully clean the glass viewing panels using a magnetic cleaner which is very good. I pay particular attention to the edges of the glass panels where tougher algae seems to form which the magnetic cleaner can’t deal with, using a razor device, this quickly removes the stubborn algae. Any loose debris is removed and a siphon removes any small items. When all is done the aquarium looks lovely. I don’t suppose the fish appreciate the cleaning, and the flame angel (the aquarium boss fish) tends to nibble at the algae on the glass so won’t appreciate its removal.
     When the children arrive eventually they get to the aquarium.  Requests ‘don’t bang the glass’ and similar are made to which they respond well. After a while usually the questions start: ‘are they hungry?’, ‘why is that fish a different colour from that other one?’, ‘what’s that blobby thing?’, ‘why is that plant wobbling about?’ and similar highly technical questions. The answers are as simple and correct as possible. Then, after quite a while, they disappear to some other attraction. Test passed!
     It’s lovely having the children at any time, and at Christmas they make it magical with their innocent wonder and excited chatter. The Christmas Aquarium is just a part of the whole  and how enjoyable it is. Perhaps one day one of them will say ‘Would you like to see my new aquarium?’ That would be a bonus! A very happy Christmas to one and all.
  1. Thank you for the Christmas wishes. Merry Christmas to you, as well. I tend to do a little extra cleaning around the holidays to get the aquarium ready for all the new attention it is going to get.

  2. Hello Al……I bet there’s quite a few aquarists doing a bit of scrubbing!

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