Christmas Is Coming – Remember The People Who Are Not So Fortunate

Christmas is a fantastic time of year. Watching my sons excitement grow from day to day is a joy to behold.

It’s a magical time, a family time yet at the same time an upsetting time.

It’s not upsetting in the sense of cost, what you may (or may not) receive – it is upsetting in relation to all the people all over the world who are not as fortunate as my family is.

My son for example wrote a Chistmas list over a page long which covered all the things he hopes to get from Father Christmas as I am sure children from all over the world do.

There are a lot of children who would love to just receive one present, there are people who will be spending Christmas alone, there are families who cannot afford a turkey etc etc etc.

We really are fortunate and it is this time of year when we need to think about people who are less fortunate than outselves.

Personally I give money to charity and do a Christmas box full of presents which is sent to children via a charity so that they will receive at least one present at Christmas.

I do not send Christmas cards to people outside of the family – instead I give money to charity.

I am very thankful for what I have, the life which I am able to provide for my family yet I also do feel for the people who through no fault of their own are not as fortunate as me. Please do not misunderstand me I am not saying that I am better than other people as I am a firm believer that all people are equal – no one is better than me and no one is worse than me – we are all the same.

So enjoy your Christmas – have a great day – yet think of the people who are not as fortunate as yourself.

Perhaps receive one less present this year and give one to someone who otherwise might have had nothing.

  1. From my family to yours – Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks for the seasonal greetings!
    Have a great time yourselves. In fact, we hope everyone, aquarists or not, have a great time.

  3. I always drop hints about fish related gifts, and Santa didn’t disappoint. New filters and a new hood for a used tank I got from someone.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Good going mattfm77! Nice when hints fall on listening ears. ๐Ÿ™‚

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