Here are a few conversions which could be useful to someone, you never know. The ones shown are those that could be applicable to aquarists, maybe!

To find volume.

Multiply length by breadth by height. (If finding the water space volume of an aquarium it is more accurate to measure from the water level. It must also be remembered that volume will be taken up by rocks and sand.)
Cubic inches to cubic centimeters – multiply by 16.3871
Cubic feet to cubic meters – multiply by 0.0283
Cubic centimeters to cubic inches – multiply by 0.061
Cubic meters to cubic feet  multiply by 35.315

Converting Centigrade to Fahrenheit.

C                         F
24                        75.2
25                        77 (the temperature many aquarists use)
26                        78.8
27                        80.6


(10 millimeters = 1 centimeter)
(1 inch = 2.5 centimeters)
Inches to millimeters – multiply by 25.4
Feet to meters – multiply by 0.3048
Millimeters to inches – multiply by 0.0394
Meters to feet – multiply by 3.2808


To find area multiply length by width.
Square inches to square centimeters – multiply by 6.4516
Square feet to square meters – multiply by 0.0929
Square centimeters to square inches – multiply by 0.155
Square meters to square feet – multiply by 10.764


UK fluid ounces to liters – multiply by 0.0284
US fluid ounces to liters – multiply by 0.0296
UK pints to liters – multiply by 0.5682
US pints to liters – multiply by 0.4732
UK gallons to liters – multiply by 4.546
US gallons to liters – multiply by 3.7854
Liters to UK fluid ounces – multiply by 35.1961
Liters to US fluid ounces – multiply by 33.8150
Liters to UK pints – multiply by 1.7598
Liters to US pints – multiply by 2.1134
Liters to UK gallons – multiply by 0.2199
Liters to US gallons – multiply by 0.2642


Ounces to grams – multiply by 28.3495
Pounds to kilograms – multiply by 0.4536
Grams to ounces – multiply by 0.0353
Kilograms to pounds – multiply by 2.2046

(Reference: The Chambers Dictionary)

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