With Christmas now only a few days away there are a lot of people planning for the day, a lot of children (and parents!) starting to get excited.

I know Joshua is!

He has done his Christmas list which has been sent, received a lovely letter from Santa, the Christmas trees are up and now we are planning for the big day to arrive.

It really is a great day for both children and adults to enjoy.

But what about your corals, fish etc?

Are you going to buy them a little Christmas present?

How about some food, some additives – of course they don’t know it’s Christmas but it makes a great excuse to purchase something doesn’t it.

What about you?

Is there anything you are hoping to get for Christmas?

Some new equipment, a book, perhaps even your very first aquarium – who knows.

Personally I am hoping that Becky (the better half!) will perhaps have got me a new refractometer – I have dropped enough hints about it – but I will probably end up getting more socks.

Be great to hear what you are hoping for and after the big day what you actually received.

Do You Think You Will Receive Anything Aquarium Related For Christmas?
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