Do You Think You Will Receive Anything Aquarium Related For Christmas?

With Christmas now only a few days away there are a lot of people planning for the day, a lot of children (and parents!) starting to get excited.

I know Joshua is!

He has done his Christmas list which has been sent, received a lovely letter from Santa, the Christmas trees are up and now we are planning for the big day to arrive.

It really is a great day for both children and adults to enjoy.

But what about your corals, fish etc?

Are you going to buy them a little Christmas present?

How about some food, some additives – of course they don’t know it’s Christmas but it makes a great excuse to purchase something doesn’t it.

What about you?

Is there anything you are hoping to get for Christmas?

Some new equipment, a book, perhaps even your very first aquarium – who knows.

Personally I am hoping that Becky (the better half!) will perhaps have got me a new refractometer – I have dropped enough hints about it – but I will probably end up getting more socks.

Be great to hear what you are hoping for and after the big day what you actually received.

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