Don’t Forget About The Children

Keeping and maintaining a saltwater aquarium be this fish only or a reef tank is a very rewarding hobby, however it is also a very educational one as well.

I have personally owned or been involved with an aquarium of some type or other for as long back as I can remember. My father taught me everything I know about aquariums and I now have the privilege of being able to do the same with my son Joshua.

I have had a saltwater aquarium since well before Josh was born. In his ‘younger’ years he was obviusly to young to understand what everything was yet he liked (or it looked like he did anyway) to be in front of he aquarium just watching it. Probably just the colours and the movement but it was nice to see. Now that he is a bit older he is starting to understand various aspects of the hobby and is starting to show a real interest.
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