Don’t Leave Your Glass Too Long Before You Clean It!

With my day job I have the requirement to travel from time to time.

The past week or so has been one of those occasions. I knew that I was going to be travelling but I did not know at the time exactly how long I would be travelling for. Before I left I made sure that all the maintenance was done on my aquarium, the cleaning was done and the fish were well fed. I then left my wife explicit instructions (again and again I hasten to add) on how to feed the fish – how much, how often etc.

Whilst away I have had limited access in my personal time to the internet so have been watching the site, doing a few things etc but I have not been able to post anything to the site. The trouble is that I have been working on a new area to the site for the past 4 weeks or so and had hoped that it would be live by now but it is a couple of weeks off yet. I will post more about this nearer the time – hopefully it will be of benefit to all our readers.

That was just over a week ago and I am now home. I hate travelling with work and it is always a great pleasure to return and see my family again – as well as my reef tank.

After I returned and settled in, unpacked etc I went to check on the aquarium. Becky and Joshua had been feeding the fish and they looked well fed. The glass however was covered in a thin film of algae. This was to be expected as I normally clean it 2 – 3 times a week.

No problem I thought – a quick clean with the magnet cleaner and it will be gone. Off I went giving it a clean and although some came off there was pieces which were stuck fast. So out came the algae scraper and off I went.

That was just under two hours ago!

My arm is hurting, my fingers are all wrinkly and well I;m just tired now!

The aquarium now does look lovely and clean. All the glass is sparkling, all corraline and other algae removed from the front glass and it is back to it’s former glory but I just wish now that I had asked Becky to clean the glass with the magnet whilst I was away.

Becky is always worried about looking after the tank whilst I am away. I don’t know why but I presume that she is just worried in case something happens or she does something wrong etc. Things happen, I know that – we all know that. I remember as a child looking after my fathers aquarium whilst he was on holiday and two of the fish died. I was absolutely positive that it was something I had done. I even went to the shop and purchased him some store credit so that he could replace them when he returned. Store vouchers which he revoked when he came back as he knew, as I know now that I had not done anything wrong.

I truly wish that I did not have to travel with my job as I enjoy being at home with my family and do not like being away but the job requires it and without it we would not have all the things we have so I have to put up with it.

Oh well next Monday I get to go away again for a week – this time not with work though, this time it is a short break with the family. Think I will get my Dad to clean the glass as well as feeding the fish whilst I am away.

  1. Hopefully Dad hasn’t been holding a secret grudge all this time; otherwise, you might return home to discover 2 dead fish! lol j/k

  2. Oh no don’t say that!

    I always worry about my tank when I am away but now you have me really worried.

    Dad say it/’s not so!

  3. Nah! Wouldn’t do a thing like that! Look after the tank like its my own.
    Saw a nice coral though – wonder if it might migrate….

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