Find Time To Watch The Aquarium

In my ‘9-5 day job’ I sometimes have to deal with various aspects which I do not enjoy and at other times have various amounts of work which well get’s me down.

The past few weeks have been like this for me. I have found that I am coming home tired, grumpy and at times taking it out on my family. To me that is unacceptable. The whole reason I go to work is primarily to ensure that I am able to provide for my family and secondly to challenge/better myself.

In the past few weeks due to the various pressures from work I have at times pondered a career change. I know that this feeling will pass when work calms down a bit however it is something I have been feeling of late.

I am a great believer in job satisfaction and at the moment I am not receiving that satisfaction.

I at one point even considered starting my own aquarium shop but quickly realised that I should not make my hobby or passion if you will my job. Before long my hobby would become a job and I do not want to dislike this hobby in any way.

For me I find that coming home, sitting in front of my aquarium and quietly watching the tranquillity of the fish elegantly swimming around, the corals swaying in the water currents exceptionally soothing. Similar to what it is supposed to be like with a cat or dog, having them on your knee and gently stroking them.

Don’t get me wrong I also like both the technical and scientific side of the aquarium but these in their own right can be equally headache causing – sometimes a piece of equipment wont quite fit just right, a coral wont just stay where you want it to stay, the water parameters are not just correct etc.

At the end of the day you simply cannot beat just sitting in front of the aquarium quietly watching it. There is so much satisfaction to be gained from the aquarium. The life in there is so dependent upon us yet so free at the same time. They have no fear of predation – well hopefully not anyway, they are fed when they need to be fed, the water is maintained at optimal conditions and at times I feel that they are better in an aquarium than they are on the reef!

As well as watching the main display aquarium I also personally enjoy watching the refugium and the deep sand bed. It always amazes me how much life actually lives in these areas. Some digging, some hiding, others scuttling around and probably loads more that I will never see.

Of course I do not sit in front of the aquarium all the time. The maintenance must be performed, the care for the corals/fish must be done, research must be completed but even this cannot take over your life. There is little point in keeping an aquarium if you never get to watch it is there.

Being an aquarist does not mean that you have to be solitary though. There is nothing better than sharing your aquarium with other aquarists or other people who are not aquarists themselves but are simply interested. Showing off your aquarium and telling others all about is, in my opinion is an area that we should do more of.

Why not give it a try and find five minutes to yourself, simply sit down and watch the aquarium. Trust me it is worth it!