Fun or Frustration

During your life looking after a [tag-ice]salt water aquarium[/tag-ice] have you ever done something that you didn’t regret, but which tended to test your patience and perhaps even question your own sanity? I have.

Salt water [tag-tec]coral fish[/tag-tec] are for the most part very beautiful. The fish we keep tend to become favourites, or we see one in a magazine, on-line, or observe one in a shop which we fall in love with.

My most favourite coral fish of all is the copperband butterfly (Chelmon rostratus). Though not the brightest coloured coral fish by any means, to me it is very beautiful both in its shape and colouration. Its behaviour is also most appealing as it looks and pokes its snout into crevices and holes, searching for a tasty morsel. [Read more]

  1. Hey man,

    I am having a similar problem. My tank is well stablished by now and found a shop selling copper banded for $25, it is one of my favourite fish so bougth it immediately.

    The little bugger is not interested at all in krill pellets, flakes or algae (Nori). Now I have tried frozen brine shrimp and he eats few every now and then but nothing much.

    In addition he seems to be very timid, stays in a corner of the tank under a rock, has vetured around but not for long.

    ANy hints?recommendations, tips, advise is GREATLY appreaciate as I would not like to lose the fish ….

    I will try putting soime food inside one rockÅ› cravice



  2. Hi atdm,

    Sounds like you are enjoying the hobby and are experiencing the problems/issues which we sometimes face.

    One of the things which is very hard to do is hold the impulse purchases back. I know that this is a very hard thing to do and I have done it on a few occasions, however it is imperative that you research your purchases before actually purchasing them.

    However I am sure that you know that….

    Anyway Copperbands are funny feeders and do not really like to take food from open water – they like to hunt for it. There are discrepencies to the rule though (There always is isn’t there?)

    It is trial and error really. The best thing we have found is to fill crecives, nooks and crannies with live food and allow the fish to find the food on its own accord. It does take time but watching the fish eat is a pleasure to behold.

    Does the fish appear to be bullied at all as normally they are not that timid and are always prowling around the tank sticking their noses into the rock in an attempt to find food.

    You can purchase fish feeders which are like nets but with bigger holes which you can fill with food, however we have had limited success with these.

    Try the rock approach and let us know how you get on.

    Take care


  3. Hey peter

    thanks for the advise. I have tried to put some nori on cracks and cravices around the rocks. No luck yet.
    I thinks it is a matter of patience…

    Will try to smash a live mussel and throw it in, it is just a tip a friend just mention to me today.

    the fish does not seem to be bullied by the other fish at all although it is a bit strange he spends most of the time under a little rock…maybe not yet confortable with the other tank mates i suppose…

    will see how it goes and let you know



  4. Hi,
    Couldn’t help but notice that you are attempting to feed the butterfly Nori amongst other items. These fish are live feeders – in other words they eat very small living prey from the reef. They have a long snout so that they can stick it in crevices, holes etc and grab the tiny worms, shrimps etc that hide in there and would be safe from other fish. Overall it’s best to attempt as far as possible to duplicate this in the aquarium, with brine shrimp, blood worms etc. There are frozen packs readily available. The opened mussel could be a good idea, perhaps the fish will pick at that. Beware of pollution though.
    Hope all turns out well.

  5. fish died overnight. I doubt it was from starvation in my tank so maybe he was starving from way before I bought it. The fish did not have any visible signs of illnesses or anything like that

    Shame, lasted less than 4 days

    In any case thanks for all the advise, I reckon I got very valuable info for the next time I have one CBB. I reckon will be in a while…


  6. So very sorry to hear of the loss.
    If you want, and have a problem in the future (I hope not of course), you could use the site’s forum for any questions and advice. More people will see your query then.
    Anyway, we’re always glad to help. Keep visiting.

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