Got Anything Salty That’s Of Interest?

There are marine aquarists and ex-marine aquarists out there who have had all sorts of experiences with this hobby, good, funny or bad. There’s little that aquarists like better than learning of other aquarist’s experiences.

Why not let everyone know of yours? Experienced or beginner, it doesn’t matter. It could be simply how you feed your fish, how much seawater you change, your frustrations with a noisy skimmer (I’ve had one of those!). Or it could be a sequence of events. Maybe you haven’t started yet and are worried about doing so – let us know the worries. The range of experiences and subjects that this hobby could cover is immense.

It really doesn’t matter that you’re not a professional writer. Or that you are. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t that good at spelling. It doesn’t matter how long or how short the text is.

What matters is that we want it, we’ll be interested and so will many others.

Peter will check to ensure that the text is marine aquarium related, this is for security purposes. Anything that is undesirable, such as swearing and other objectionable material, could be blocked. However, you’ll tell you’re tale after that check just as you intended.

So don’t be nervous. Don’t be worried about how you’re writing style ‘stands up’. Who cares, it doesn’t matter. Just tell your tale, we’re all interested.

If you haven’t your own website it doesn’t matter. If you have, we’ll provide a link-back. Everyone will have themselves acknowledged as the author.

It’s easy and it’s fun. Just go to the home page, click on the banner ‘Guest Post On Aquarists On Line’, fill in the small amount of information required and either upload from an existing file or write direct. Then click submit. Easy and straightforward!

An easier way is to go straight to the submission form which can be located here:

Alternatively you can simply email the article into us.

Selected blogs could even be put into our articles section – but we’ll always ask your permission first.

So come on, have a go!