Have To Fly…..

It’s time to go on holiday again, I and my wife. This time we’re flying into Richmond, Virginia, to explore and gape for two weeks.

We have a car and usually cover a pretty high mileage and on previous occasions have been satisfied that we have seen that which needs to be seen. Here’s hoping this one is the same.

I’ve prepared my reef aquarium as usual. A seawater change has been done, pumps etc cleaned, skimmer cleaned, timers checked for the correct time and the like. I’ve also put cover glasses on the aquarium to cut down on evaporation. They aren’t usually on, only when I’m on holiday, the rest of the time they’re in storage.

Peter has kindly agreed to keep an eye on the aquarium. All I’ve done is left plenty of RO (reverse osmosis) water and a jug, a couple of cloths, food, a couple of supplements and a note. Peter doesn’t really require a note but it’s just a reminder of the amounts of supplement to add really. I’m lucky that Peter is a marine aquarist.

One thing I didn’t do is feed the fish ‘extra’ because I’m going away. They have been fed normally – they will only eat normally and the ‘extra’ would just be a pollutant.

Peter will obviously be handling matters on this website on his own for two weeks. He does all the maintenance and computer wizardry anyway. I assist with blogs – Peter also does them. It could very well be that the blogs will slow down for the period, instead of one a day the flow could reduce temporarily. I’m sure everyone will realize why this is.

Going on holiday nowadays is a double-edged sword. Going is great and we really enjoy ourselves, but we don’t see our three grandchildren and we miss them. However, though when the holiday is over we feel a tiny bit ‘down’, we know that on return we don’t have to go to work and we’ll see the family – including three very young much loved children. Can’t be bad!

  1. When on vacation this is my favorite feature of an AquaController III. The controller can be hooked up to water on the floor sensors, so if you’re on vacation and your aquarium breaks in the middle of the night it can call you to notify you of the problem.

    Then you can set the alarm to automatically shut off all pumps and electrical equipment to prevent electrical fires and burning out of pumps.

    Then you can go online and monitor any other electronics to make sure they switched. Then you can call your neighbor and ask them to clean up the mess ;). They will understand cleaning up water, but they may not understand “Unplug the protein skimmer and different water pumps.”

    The cost of this set up may be $1000, but it’s sure worth it in the long run. It’s also a heartbreaker to walk into your living room and find that your aquarium is on the floor.

  2. Hi,

    Sounds like a great device. Bit pricy but when compared with coming home to a ruined aquarium the price is well worth it.

  3. I live about an hour from Richmond, VA. Of all places to visit, why Richmond? Just wondering…

  4. Hi Greg,
    We flew into Richmond, but didn’t actually stay there, but about 40 miles away at a place called the Powhatton Plantation.

    I wanted to go so that a visit could be made to James Town, York Town and Williamsburg. These represent a great deal of history with the English arriving and the later struggle for independence. After visiting these places and seeing all the maintained and restored ‘early America’ it was very worthwhile.

    The place we stayed was also in reasonable striking distance of Washington DC, which neither of us have ever visited. Now we have and again the visit was very worthwhile and interesting.

    There’s a lot more that we saw and did that I won’t go into.

    Luckily for us the weather mainly held up, just 1 1/2 days of rain. When we arrived it was over 90 deg F.

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