Have You Ever Looked At Your Aquarium In Natural Daylight?

My aquarium is lit by metal halides therefore the light provided is quite bright. I use 14K lighting as well as supplemental actinics.

Normally the aquarium does not receive any natural daylight as blinds have been installed to prevent this, however the other day whilst I was doing my maintenance my wife opened them to do some cleaning. With it being a bright sunny day as soon as they were opened the aquarium was bathed in natural sunlight. As said my lighting is quite bright but as soon as natural daylight landed on the aquarium I could not even see it. It was totally masked by the sun.

Having a closer look at the aquarium I saw things on the rocks which I have never seen before. It was amazing how different it looked. The rock in particular looked phenomenal and the colours in the fish to me appeared brighter.

I appreciate that the lighting we provide is to emulate the light that the corals receive at a given depth. I believe this is 30M but I am not 100% sure at this moment in time. Obviously in our aquariums they are not this deep so you would expect a difference but I did not expect this amount of difference.

Needless to say the maintenance stopped and I sat staring at various aspects of the aquarium. After a while my wife must have finished cleaning or whatever it was she was doing and shut the blinds. Suddenly I could see the aquarium as I normally see it and to be honest I think I prefer it in natural daylight.

One of the things my Dad wants to try is to keep an aquarium which is lit purely by natural daylight. I personally believe that the aquarium will get a lot of algae but my Dad believes that he can control it.

You never know he might some time get time to try this. If he does you can be sure that we will let you know.