Here’s A List Of Active Aquarium Forums

Having a marine aquarium of whatever type is a wonderful individual hobby. It’s also really good to have someone to talk to about it, exchanging ideas, opinions and stories.

The very best way is to have local friends who are aquarists. They ideally are marine enthusiasts, but could be keepers of brackish or fresh water systems.

If there aren’t any friends about who are also aquarists, there’s sometimes a club or society where sitting and gossiping over a coffee or something a little stronger can take place.

Then of course there’s the communication channel available to very nearly everyone, the internet. There’s a wealth of information available. However, searching for specifics can sometimes be quite long winded so there’s an alternative, and that is the forum where questions can be asked. There’s one on this website.

There are plenty of forums available and finding one that is suitable and liked is great. One or two deal in advanced subjects, but the majority have specific discussion areas for various topics.

Here are some forums listed, with thanks to ‘Muzzy’s Reef’.

  1. Acrylic Aquarium – I just purchased from a private owner this 28 gal, and did not see until I got it home and put the ‘light’ on, that the inside is almost gray with abrasions. (I think because he used the wrong type of magnetic sliding tank cleaner.) There are also a few scratches – but they don’t worry me. A gal at the local fish store said I probably wouldn’t notice the abrasions after I got water in it – but I am a little concerned about setting it up and putting Angel fish in it. I talked to a guy at home depot and he says there is nothing I can do to clear up plexiglass. Would like some opinions….

  2. Hi.

    It is possible to polish out abrasions and sometimes even scratches on acrylic tanks depending on how bad things are. Patience is required! It would be best if you went back to your local retailer (LFS) and had a word. The substance used must be cleared before any salt water is put in and the tank matured.

    Just a thought……is it going to be a marine aquarium? If so, because you mentioned angel fish, I would advise that the aquarium is too small for ‘standard’ size angels, and a period of experience (if you are new) would be advantageous if you are talking of a dwarf angel.

  3. Hi John,

    Thanks for mentioning our forum in your list!

    I tried to find your contact info but failed. If you can, please contact me. I have a question to ask you. Thanks again!


  4. Hi Ava,

    The best way to contact us via our contact form which can be located at the link below :

    If it is technically related then Peter will answer it, if it is hobby related then the reply will probably come from me.

    Alternatively I can contact you directly via email.

  5. Hi John,

    If you could contact me directly via e-mail that would be excellent. Please send to [email protected]. Thank u for your time!


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