Here’s Something To Look At…

Most marine aquarists love looking at pictures, I certainly do. There are loads of pictures relating to the marine hobby available online, and this is another – but not ‘just’ another.

This one is really worth noting on the ‘Favourites’ list to visit whenever. The photos are excellent and a lot of time can be spent just looking and enjoying, but it’s more than that. It is a marine reference as well with a difference. Don’t let the word ‘reference’ give the impression that it’s just scientific and dry, it isn’t.

There are loads of categories of all sorts that can be clicked, which brings up all sorts of fish, crustaceans, corals, algae etc. Want to know what kind of Caulerpa you’ve got? It’s all there in excellent photos with straightforward understandable descriptions.

Click-on choices can even be made by selecting a colour. Choosing blue for example will bring up photos with blue the predominant colour. Or perhaps you would like to see ‘Attacks.’ This will bring up attacks in photo sequences. There’s lots of choice.

Under the pictures are explanations. If you want to have a look at, say, a particular fish, when the picture appears it will usually show underneath the scientific classifications and common name, and underneath that will often be the location that the photo was taken at, for example on a dive at X at a depth of Y.

As said, there’s a lot to see on this website. I’ve spent ages just wandering around.

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