I’m Still Here…..

A few people have emailed me asking if I am still involved with Aquarists Online or whether the site is being run solely by John now.

Well I am still here but have had a few things I have had to take care of.

We have recently been experiencing some hosting issues which I have been involved in with our hosting company – touch wood these issues are all resolved now.

We have also had a few areas of the site where we needed to do some upgrades. Some of these were simple upgrades to perform but at the same time some enhancements were also made to make the site load faster. The store section of Aquarists Online has had some work done and it now incorporates items available from Amazon as well as from EBay.

More merchants have been added to Aqua Compare and more have been identified which will be added over time. A new flash carousel has also been added to the home page which I think makes it look more professional.

Another area which has taken me quite a bit of work are our books. As you know we created a couple of books which are available as eBooks. We have had fantastic feedback in relation to these books and due to various people mentioning that we should see if we can get these published we gave it a shot. A publisher has stated an interest and has requested that we send a book through to them for them to review. They asked for it in a format which at present we do not have it in so I have had to transfer all the information across to the format they wanted. You never know we may have a book available via Amazon and other places shortly.

That would feel very strange – seeing a book that John and I created available on Amazon!

Even stranger would be walking into a book store and seeing our book on the shelf.

There has been an area on a personal side which has taken a lot of my time as well. Actually not time but made me think a lot. The company I work for has stated that they are downsizing and therefore various positions are being made redundant. This, of course made me quite worried as I have to think of the family to ensure that I provide for them. Fortunately at the moment my position is safe as are the positions of the people who work for me. Whether this will happen again in the future I do not know but for the time being the worry is over.

So I’m back – I will be posting items regularly again. John has done a fantastic job I feel in posting articles on a daily basis. I think that the majority of the articles he has posted are of great value and interest and I sincerely hope you agree.