Introducing – Aquarists Online Articles

Both John and I are exceptionally pleased to announce the introduction of a new service to Aquarists Online, a service called Aquarists Online Articles.

We have recently been asked on a number of occasions if any of our articles could be used on other sites, newsletters etc. Something which we either agreed/disagreed on a request by request basis.

This did get the two of us thinking though so John and I sat down a short while ago and tried to work out what we believe people are looking for when it comes to the marine aquarium hobby. Below is what we believe this to be:

  • Information
  • New Equipment
  • Used Equipment

Quite a simple list but believe it not it actually took us some time to come up with such a simple list especially for the information aspect as we felt this could be advice, reviews, questions etc etc.

We feel that these are now all dealt with via Aquarists Online. We feel that new equipment is covered by our sister site Aqua Compare which is effectively a price comparison site purely for the aquarium hobby. Used equipment again we believe is covered by the Aquarists Online Store which is a feed into EBay which has to be the ultimate place to purchase second hand items from.

Information is a different beast altogether and it is a term which covers such a broad area. We have the forum on aquarists online where people can ask/answer questions, the social area where a community can be built using information based upon pictures, videos etc. We have two aquarium guides that we have written – one for people interested in starting a reef tank and another for people who are interested in starting a fish only aquarium. These guides are stuffed with information – basically myseld and John dumped our brains, experiences etc down into these guides and then finally we have the blog.

The blog is where we post our thoughts, advice etc for others to read and hopefully enjoy and find beneficial. The blog is where we are the most active and we attempt to post on a daily basis. John does post more than I do as I take more of an active role behind the scenes making sure that everything is working as it should do, looking for enhancements, attemping to promote Aquarists Online etc.

One of the things we also both appreciate is that there is a lot of information available in this hobby and whilst we had a simple articles section on the site which linked to some of our articles which we felt would be beneficial we did not think this was enough. There is a lot of information available the internet is a very valued place when it comes to information. This is an area which we had not covered – we only dealt with our own articles. What was needed was a resource where all of this information could be gathered so it could be read by anyone interested and also important was the ability for this information to be shared. On top of this neither John or myself wanted the responsibility to be able to find this information ourselves. We wanted a solution where other authors could submit the information themselves.

Hence Aquarists Online Articles was born…..

Aquarists Online Articles is basically an area where important articles, reference material etc can be stored in a categorised format.

This area can be used in three ways:

1. For the hobbyist searching for information

All hobbyists have a passion for learning more and sharing information about the hobby they are involved in and the aquarium hobby is no exception. As an aquarists I am sure that there are areas which you would like to learn more about.

With Aquarists Online Articles this will over time become a resource where lots of information is held. The good thing about this is that all this information will not be from the same people – in Aquarists Online’s case John and I. There are many ways to do things in this hobby and each method may work dependent upon the configuration of the aquarium. No information, other than the ridiculous is useless information. Every little bit you learn will help you as you move along with your aquarium.

Reading information from various people in my opinion is important as you can then make up your own mind as to what is best for yourself and your aquarium based upon the information you have learnt.

Basically we believe that this area will become an area which has an abundance of information in which will be beneficial to lots of people.

2. For the author

Perhaps you own a website, are a passionate hobbyist or just want to share what you want with others. For the author of aquarium articles Aquarists Online Articles is a fantastic resource for you to use.

What you can do is sign up (free of charge of course) and submit your article to Aquarists Online Articles. You can select which category you would like your article to appear in add some text about yourself, your website etc and click submit.

What this does is submit it to our article review area where either myself or John will review to make sure that it is acceptable to be listed. Once reviewed it will become active and others can read it and benefit from it. The reason we have chosen to review all submitted articles is two-fold. Firstly for spam which I personally believe is getting worse and something needs to be done about it and secondly to ensure that the content is actually aquarium related – it would be pointless not to review them and suddenly this area gets flooded with articles which have no relation to aquarium. This would then make this a useless resource.

So, how does this benefit you as an author?

Basically it can help you in many ways. Firstly and in my opinion the most important is that you can feel very good about yourself for helping others. You never know your article could either get someone started in this hobby or prevent them from giving up.

Secondly it can do a great deal for yourself. All posted articles are assigned to yourself and you can have a photo of yourself if you so wish. If you post quality articles to this area then you will build both credibility and trust in yourself. If you own an aquarium related business then this could mean ultimately more sales. The software behind the scenes allows for both articles and authors to be rated, therefore the more quality articles you submit the higher rating you should hopefully get.

If you have a website then this is where the good bit begins. Articles can be a huge source of very important traffic. No matter what type of website you have getting traffic is one of the hardest things to get. With Aquarists Online Articles when you submit an article you can also submit what is called an Author Bio. This area is where you can say a bit about yourself, your website, your business etc. Plus a link can be provided back to your website using either keywords to increase your search engine positions or a standard hyperlink.

Anyone who has a website has the ability to be able to copy your article from Aquarists Online Articles and display it on their website, however they must take the article as it is written and also display the author bio as well. What could happen here is that one quality article which is submitted could be displayed on hundreds of websites perhaps thousands all of which have your author bio on it. With this having a link back to your website more traffic could come as well as a hopefully increase in the search engines.

With the author bio also detailing information about yourself, the author this also helps to build your name, your brand as you are gaining more exposure to a lot more people.

As said the article cannot be modified in anyway be this the title, the content or the author bio therefore you should always be given full credit for the article – something which I believe is very important.

3. For the website owner

An amount of what can be done for the website owner has been covered in the above section in relation to increasing your brand name, exposure by submitting articles to Aquarists Online Articles, submitting an author bio and allowing others to use the article on their site.

A very useful tactic to increase both exposure and traffic.

But what about the website owner who does not want to write articles but wants to display some useful quality content on their site.

Again Aquarists Online Articles can help.

Any articles can be re-printed from this section and displayed on your website. It is very important to note that none of article can be modified in any way. The copyright of the article belongs to the author plus the author must always be credited with the creation of the article.

If there is an article or more that you would like to display then simply copy and paste it from this area to your website ensuring that nothing is changed and the authors bio is shown.

This allows for more content to be made available for your visitors as well as the search engines seeing more content on your site when they visit. The more content you have the better the search engines should see you and your rankings over time should increase.

It does not need to be actually on a website however. Perhaps you have a newsletter which you distribute. Content can be used from this area in your newsletter as long as the article is not modified and the authors bio is also displayed.

It is a win-win situation. Your readers get more information to read and you get more content to use.

So there we go – Aquarists Online Articles.

We both hope that you will find this new area beneficial and hopefully you will submit some of your articles into this area. We have loaded some of our articles up and will continue to do so over time. You never know this time next year there may be thousands of articles in there – what a huge resource of useful information that would be!

Aquarists Online Articles