Introducing The Aquarists Online Community

Actually it more of a change that an introduction of a new area!

For a while now both John and I have become frustrated with having to have separate login details for each area of Aquarists Online. The areas in question are the forum, articles area, reviews area and the social area.

So we decided to sort it out.

We have replaced the Aquarists Online Social area with The Aquarists Online Community Area. Inside this area are the same resources as before (plus some more). The articles section and reviews area have both been replaced with new software and are now a core component of the community area. The forum remains the same however this has been integrated into the community area so that the login information is shared.

Basically all you need to do now is log into the community area and you can access all areas.

Inside The Aquarists Online Community is the following:

Articles Section

The articles section is where anyone can submit an article for inclusion in this area. The articles can be about anything in relation to marine aquariums and various categories have been created to house them. When an article is submitted you have the ability to be able to enter a short bio about yourself. This is useful as we allow anyone to republish any articles from this section onto their website, blog etc as long as the author bio remains intact and the article is not modified in any way.

Blogs Section

Any member has the ability to be able to create their own blog and post items to it as and when they want.

Classifieds Section

This is an area where members can purchase and sell equipment etc.


This is the existing forum which has been integrated into the community area so that single logins can be used.


Any member has the ability to be able to upload photos as well as being able to view other members pictures.


Members can become a ‘member’ of a group or create a new group. Groups are for people who have the same interest, physical location etc.


A lot of people like to read what other people think about products etc before purchasing them. This area allows for anyone to read reviews as well as having the ability to submit their own reviews of this area.


This section is where videos from You Tube, Google Video etc can be loaded so that they can be viewed in a categorised format. At the moment we do not have the ability to be able to accept uploaded videos however this is something that we are working on for the future.

On top of this there are also extra’s which can be used. All members have the ability to access the following:

  • Users Activity Stream
  • Private Messaging
  • Add As A Friend Functionality
  • Micro Blogging Functionality
  • In-built applications to extend your profile
  • And more…

Both John and I are quite pleased with the outcome especially now that everything can be access from a single login. We have performed as many tests as possible in an attempt to identify any bugs. A few have been located which have now been removed however this does not mean that there aren’t any! If you decide to become a member of our community and locate a bug then please let us know.

So why not pop over, check it out and become active in this community. It was built for all aquarists to use and we hope that you find it beneficial.

If you have any comments, recommendations etc about this area then please let us know.