Introducing The Aquarium Store Directory

Myself and John are always on the lookout for things which may be useful to the aquarium hobbyist.

We were recently discussing how it would be good if there was an area where hobbyists could locate either online aquarium stores or local fish shops which are near to them. As we were discussing it we got quite excited about the prospect of being able to offer this service on Aquarists Online so we had a look to see if there was a script we could use to create one – which we found and as the title of this post says – the Aquarium Store Directory was born!

What is the Aquarium Store Directory?

As the name says it is a directory where people can list local fish shops in their area, local fish shops they have visited as well as online aquarium stores that they use or have used in the past.

The directory is categorised into two areas. The first being for local fish stores and the second being for online web stores. Each of these two categories are broken down by country and the first is then broken down further into regions whilst the second is broken down into the types of products the web store sells.

How can this be beneficial?

We believe that the directory can be useful to aquarists for a number of reasons.

How many times have you been on a day trip and thought to yourself why you were there ‘I wonder if there is a fish shop anywhere’?

Quite a few times I’m sure – I know I have!

With the directory you can have a quick check in the directory before you go to see if there are any listed stores in the area. Dependant upon the details in the listing you may be able to find out what items the store sells, what days/times it is open, pictures etc. You will also be able to find out how to get there as we have incorporated Google Maps into the application so you can find out where it is and how to get there at a glance.

Another benefit is the listings of online web stores. If you are looking to purchase online then you can have a look in the directory and see what stores are available.

In both of these categories we have also implemented a reviews and ratings system so that people who either use the online store or visit the fish shop can rate it and leave a review as to whether it was good or not.

There is also an enhanced search function which has been enabled. This enhanced search function allows you to search for entries by post code. Therefore you could enter your post code and search for listings which are within a certain distance. You never know there may be a fish shop quite near to you which you didn’t even know was there!

Here’s the thing though…….

For obvious reasons John and I can’t populate this directory therefore for this area to be a useful resource stores need to be listed by people in the relevant areas.

Therefore, if you have used an online store, have a local fish shop nearby or have been to a fish shop on your travels then why not pop over to the Aquarium Store Directory and enter the details. It is really quick and easy to do. You will need to be a member of the community area to be able to submit a review however again this is easy and simple to do. The reason we require people to be a member before being able to submit items is an attempt to combat spam listings. Even though we have enabled moderation on all listings there will still be some people that will attempt to list spam entries. If we left it open and it became full of spam entries then we feel that this would reduce the value of this area and it would quickly become a pointless area – which we feel would be a shame.

Anyway please pop over and list the stores you know or have used. The more listings we can get the more use it will be for other aquarists.

So there we go – another service provided by Aquarists Online.

Here’s the link

The Aquarium Store Directory