Jellyfish are usually recognized as those squishy things with trailing bits. There are few people with any in depth knowledge, particularly among aquarists. However, they are one of the oldest species in the seas and oceans.

Some jellyfish can be big, some small. Some have short stubby tentacles and others very long ones. Some can be dangerous, a fact well known to Australians.

Most contact with jellyfish is when a visit is made to a public aquarium where special tanks are often set up. Using specific lighting the jellyfish look really alien which attracts children in particular. My own local public aquarium uses actinic lighting to good effect.

Keeping jellyfish in a home aquarium is not unknown but very rare. Some, because of size and/or length of tentacles and/or danger are just unsuitable. Space is another problem, with a reef system there isn’t that much free seawater and a fish only system is usually fully stocked with, er, fish.

Nevertheless, jellyfish are fascinating creatures. The internet is a wonderful information resource and there’s a website that has as much information about jellyfish as anyone could want – species, food, predators, dangers and ‘what if you’re stung’ etc.

Have a look and learn something of these creatures from our seas and oceans: