Just Relax!

The marine hobby is very relaxing most of the time. There could be times when it is stressful for the aquarist, for instance when a fish is in trouble or there is some other serious problem. This stress could also occur when nuisance algae invade and the battle to get rid of it seems to never end. It does eventually end of course, with the aquarist the victor.

As said though, most of the time it is relaxing, a great antidote for those with stressful lives, getting up in the morning, breakfast, travel to work, trains full and/or late, or roads packed and vehicles moving at a snail’s pace. It is even relaxing for those who are already relaxed because they’re retired, for example, and have the time to do the things they actually want to do.

Maintaining the system is a chore sometimes, but for the most part is an enjoyable part of the hobby and also relaxing.

There is nothing more relaxing though than sitting down and just watching the aquarium, seeing healthy, colourful fish and corals in the captive environment the aquarist created.

On this occasion there isn’t any talk of the importance of seawater quality or lighting or anything else. This time let’s just watch.

The attached is a video of a fish only aquarium, with good music. It’s worth a little time. The video music ends quite abruptly, it would have been better to have gently faded out, but at least it’ll wake anyone dozing off!

  1. I love enjoying and relaxing my aquarium, but lately I’ve been too busy at the store even to enjoy my display tank. The best part is when I actually slow down and take the time to enjoy it I’m going to find tons of new critters. I’m also a tinkerer too, sometimes it’s hard to stop and just enjoy it. Good Post

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    We’re all different, I don’t tinker as far as possible, just watch the reef develop and change. Of course there has to be interference, corals grow too large etc. It’s surprising though how the reef does change as time goes by.

    Johns last blog post..The Banggai Cardinal At Risk?

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