Just Sometimes…

I’m very fortunate and happy to live in the area I do. It is very green and pleasant and there are plenty of sunny, warm days to enjoy. There is more rain than I’d like occasionally but that is where the greenery comes from. If it was always sunshine it would probably be scrubland or desert and I do like the green and pleasant land.

I’m also very fortunate in that I’ve had the opportunity to explore parts of many reefs in the world. Some of these have been in the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. What wonderful experiences! There could be more of this in the future though recently we’ve been exploring inland areas.

Sometimes I sit and gaze absently at my soft coral reef aquarium, generally appreciating the corals and fish. In these situations I sometimes wander back to the reef visits and recall particular occasions, there were quite a few of them. For example, the time when a small black fish, or sometimes more than one, came right up to my face mask and peered in, seeming to ask ‘Who and what are you?’ At the same time others were having a go at the hairs on my legs. It made me laugh, not something to do underwater when relying on a snorkel for air! Or the time when I cruised along a reef face, got too close and the waves were pushing me on to the corals – they’re sharp, it was a good demonstration of that. Then peering in a hole and being faced by a large conger eel, I backed off gracefully. Or finding myself among some Manta rays, they appeared even bigger than they actually are, and that’s big enough. There’s more but I’ll stop.

I wondered about living in a tropical area near a wild coral reef. I could even feel the warmth of the sun and the coral sand under my feet. There wouldn’t be any need for an aquarium there, whenever the desire appeared just get out the kit and into the sea. Mother Nature’s huge aquarium available whenever, all the time constraints that exist when on holiday gone. What a lot there would be to look at, such huge diversity and beauty. Warm seawater too, and when leaving the sea the warmth of the sun would be available to dry me off as I lay on the beach – with a good long cool drink in hand of course.

We’re allowed to day dream, but the reality is that as said I’m lucky to live where I do, and fortunate to own a successful reef aquarium. I wouldn’t really change it all.