Loads Of Micro Bubbles In My Sump

I have a sump on my saltwater aquarium which is fed by four overflows from the main display aquarium.

This sump contains a deep sand bed, a refugium and all the equipment which can be hidden (heaters, return pump, protein skimmer, calcium reactor and auto top up)

For some reason and I don’t know why I suddenly started getting loads of micro bubbles in my sump.

I checked all the overflows to see if anything has moved and I was unable to locate anything.

The only thing that I saw is that the pipes which enter the first chamber of my sump are a bit too deep in the water for my liking.

As I have not solvent welded these aspects of the plumbing I was able to remove them whilst doing a water change (when the water was low enough in the main display aquarium so as not to overflow down to the sump)

I cut the pipes back so that they are now only about ¾” under the water surface in the first chamber. This chamber is also full of small pieces of live rock rubble which acts as a type of baffle.

The result – no more bubbles!

As said I have absolutely no idea why it suddenly started happening as it was not doing this a couple of days ago but at least I was able to identify a way to resolve it.

  1. I am an Marine biologist?marine aquarist my new buy fish after two days is all dead. the water quality test is normal, but in my sump will decrease of wter level, not totaly down water level but releasing also a water bubble. what is the cause of dead in my all fish.

    Ramil Bentillo

  2. Hello Ramil.

    Your asking a nearly unanwerable question! There are so many potential causes. The first one I would always look at is seawater quality but you say that is fine.

    It could be shock that caused the losses – moving from one aquarium to another is very stressful. If it is not done properly then excessive stress – shock – could be the cause. Some fish are more likely to suffer from this than others because they are less robust.

    In such a short period of time I would not think disease could have reared its ugly head.

    I’m not completely sure if you mean your seawater level in the sump suddenly dropped or if it is low enough to allow bubbles from the outlet. If the outlet (or inlet) is producing bubbles because of the level, increase the level slightly or better increase the length of the pipe. Problems can be caused by excessive bubbles but it is unlikely to have been the cause of your losses.

    Also consider the possibility of contaminants that could have got into the seawater and that wouldn’t be detected by your test kits.
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