“Manta Ray” Rendezvous

Location, Christmas Island, Pacific. A lovely little [tag-tec]coral[/tag-tec] island, shaped like a horseshoe, with a lovely blue main central lagoon. The sun going down behind the palm trees on the far side of the lagoon was something else.

In addition to gawking at the [tag-ice]coral reefs[/tag-ice], and when I could tear myself away from them, myself and colleagues would go water skiing. When I arrived at the island I hadn’t a clue about water skiing, but wanted to learn. This sometimes was a ‘lot of salt water down the throat’ and comical process. When learning, I was told very clearly to let go of the tow rope if I fell off. Pretty obvious really. My instinct seemed to be to hang on! The tow boat crew reckoned it was the best show yet, a largish wave and a face within it followed by a submerged skier. I soon learned.

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