Marine Aquariums – The Beginners Guide

For a while now we have had two ebooks (electronic books) available which were designed to assist the beginner with starting either a marine reef tank or a marine fish only aquarium.

We have had some great feedback in relation to these books and a lot of comments that we should make them available in printed format.

We thought long and hard about this and decided that we would do this.

For the past few months we have re-worked these ebooks into a single book, re-verified all the information, re-formatted the layout etc etc and now after all of these months it is now available.

The book is available in numerous online stores and over time will be added to any online store or offline store which wants to stock it. If it is not in display at an offline store they will be able to order it as we have assigned an ISBN (the barcode) to the book.

The book is called ‘Marine Aquariums – The Beginners Guide’ and it is a step-by-step guide to assist the beginner to this hobby from the very beginning to the very end where a successful aquarium will hopefully be theirs.

The book has been split into various sections which are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Part 1 – What Everything Does
  • Part 2 – Filtration
  • Part 3 – Setting Up The Aquarium
  • Part 4 – Ready To Stock
  • Part 5 – Fish Diseases
  • Part 6 – Taking Care Of Your Aquarium
  • Closure

The book is 324 pages long and we both believe that it is very easy to understand, easy to follow and will hopefully be beneficial to various people.

Naturally we are very proud of what we have created and after all these months it is very strange to see it listed on various websites – with our names as authors next to it as well!

A couple of days ago we received the first copy of the book which for a bit of a joke we have signed!

Below are some pictures of the very first book as well as a picture of the proud authors.

As said we are very excited about this book. We have never had anything printed before and definately have never been authors but we hope that if people do decide to purchase it that they will both enjoy it and find it beneficial. If you or someone you know does decide to purchase it we would love to hear any feedback.

More information about the book can be found at Amazon.

Anyway here are the pictures.

Marine Aquariums - The Beginners Guide

Marine Aquariums - The Beginners GuideMarine Aquariums - The Beginners Guide

Marine Aquariums - The Beginners Guide