Marine Dragons

We’ve all heard of dragons haven’t we? When we were children we read or had read to us stories about dragons, big and fearsome creatures that were real monsters of the mind. They could fly and usually could breathe fire. Now we’re adults it’s all fantasy of course, a part of children’s stories or sci-fi movies. As often as not the dragons are the bad guys.

We used to have dinosaurs of all sorts, flying, land and sea based ones. They could be small or large – how about that favourite of many, the Tyranosaurus rex?

There is a ‘dragon’ in the sea though it isn’t one really it’s a sea horse known as a ‘leafy dragon’. Not what the word ‘dragon’ really intended, nor was the word intended for those ladies who eat people for breakfast!

If you went to Romania what would you expect – hmm, how about Dracula, but no, that’s the wrong country.

So did they exist at all, dragons? The answer is a maybe – maybe? Have a look at the video and see what you think. Look at the shape, the wings…

Just imagine having a peaceful swim and one appeared, what would your reaction be?

Here’s the video, you’ll need to wait a few seconds for the advertisement to clear: