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As you will have seen the new site is active!

We have moved from a subdomain from the [tag-tec]Salt Water Aquarium[/tag-tec] site to a brand new domain. With a bit of luck this will be easier to remember.

All of the post from the old site have been transferred over to this one, which is why you will see so many posted on the same day!

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  1. I have a aquarim-um that has green water. There no algae on sides or filter. I cleaned the tank real good and started it up fresh some water from tank saved for startup. In a week the water turns green. I want input as to why Thank you

  2. Hi Juanita.
    Green water is not unknown though it is a little unusual there isn’t any algae on the sides of the tank. Cleaning the tank is a reasonable idea but may not be getting to the route of the problem.
    Algae needs food like everything else alive. This means that if you check the water conditions with test kits these nutrients will probably be found. The major contributors to algae problems are nitrate and phosphate. So test the water for these, ensuring the test kits are marine suitable. The best reading for phosphate is undetectable, and for nitrate 10 parts per million (ppm) or less. If these nutrients are found then they are getting in somehow (using some of the old water may have ‘seeded’ the algae). Often, overfeeding is the major culprit, and should be avoided. In addition routine water changes will assist in minimising nutrient levels, the guideline is 10% of the net gallonage per week. It might be a good idea to test your tapwater (unless you are using reverse osmosis water of course!) as tap water sometimes contains nitrate and/or phosphate.

    There is a forum on this site where questions on anything ‘marine aquarium’can be put, I’ve put the link below. I hope the algae goes away!

  3. I have a new Coral Beauty fish and it doesn’t seem to want any frozen or flake foods at this point in time it just wants to eat algae. Any ideas if that is enough for it to survive on?

  4. Hello Tom.
    Algae is an important part of the diet of this fish and it is good that it is eating it. The fish probably spends its day wandering around thge tank looking at various surfaces in the hope of obtaining food. Members of the Centropyge group usually show interest in frozen and flake, and probably yours will in the course of time, particularly if there are other fish in the aquarium that take these types of food.
    Have a look at the forum where quesrions of any type can be put, as long as they are marine aquarium based.
    The forum can be found in the “Aquarists Online Social” section.

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