Our Gallery Has Been Attacked!

Yesterday we noticed in the gallery that we had been attacked by a lot of spam comments.

These spam comments were not nice, in fact they were quite sickening – these people disgust me.

We have immediately removed these comments from the site and also secured the site to prevent this from happening again. All of the IP Addresses of the comment submitters have been taken and submitted to the authorities. [Read more]

  1. The “comments” Peter has referred to were adverts, indicating certain unwanted rubbish websites.
    As Peter has said, they were more than disgusting and disgraceful.
    As Peter has also said, they were removed immediately they were spotted. Peter has taken measures to try and prevent it happening again. If anyone notices anything of this nature, or anything they object to, there is a “notify Admin” facility available. Please use it.
    I echo Peter’s apology. Sorry.

  2. Maybe because you have a great gallery there 🙂

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