Public Aquariums

Most aquarists like to visit a public aquarium from time to time and once there are drawn to the marine areas. Usually the displays are excellent but not always, even the professionals can make mistakes or have mishaps.

My local public aquarium made a very basic mistake which was pointed out to them. In a large reef display they put a large number of damsel fish which looked very impressive at first. I say ‘at first’ because the numbers diminished quite rapidly. This was because they also introduced two rather large lionfish. Now, we all know what lionfish are likely to have for lunch don’t we. They did! Before all the small fish disappeared the lionfish were removed and now have their own smaller display aquarium.

Anyway, public aquariums are the place to see some excellent display aquariums in which creatures too large for a home system are kept. In addition there are often some reef systems on display which usually draw quite a few ‘oohs’.

The London public aquarium has various displays and the attached short video is one of them. At the beginning of the video is a water motion section, the movement presumably generated by some hefty timed pumps. Don’t worry about the colour, the video changes quickly.