Reef Central – A Great Place To Visit

Research, planning and patience as we say over and over again is the basis for a successful saltwater aquarium.

Planning and patience are down to you as the aquarist to control as is research to a certain degree. You have to be prepared to do the research and other people have to be prepared to either provide or other the information you require.

We class ourselves and this site as what we believe to be a valuable place to perform your research.

Of course we are not the only website on the internet where you can obtain the information you require. Community forums are another great resource to visit one of which is Reef Central.

Reef Central is a very popular forum and has many members and thousands of posts on their site.

There is a lot of information on the Reef Central site which any aquarist of any level will find useful plus there are lots of very experienced aquarists who are both willing and capable to give you the answer you are looking for.

So no matter what level aquarists you are make sure that you check out the Reef Central forum – you never know one day the Aquarists Online forum may be that popular. Well we can but hope.

  1. Great place for information.

  2. Absolutely agree. I have spent many an hour on Reef Central.

    Sometimes I wonder if it is in fact to large………

    but then I change my mind!

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