Reef Loss – Some Very Worrying Information!

Coral Reef

It seems to me that if captive reef aquarists love their corals it follows that they love the wild coral reefs. Surely so, it’s where the corals, for the most part, came from.

We all know of the threat of global warming – no, don’t switch off, there isn’t yet another lecture coming. As far as coral reefs are concerned the potential increase in sea temperature is a threat to corals. In addition, because the seas are absorbing more carbon dioxide acidification is occurring (acidification means that the pH of the seawater is reducing), which is another threat to corals. If corals are threatened then it is said that fish species or many of them are also threatened.

It underlines the need to treat all imported corals and fish properly and to attempt to cultivate and breed them wherever possible. I’ve said before that along with public aquariums the thousands of home aquariums around the world could become a coral reef ‘seed bank’.

I’m not a scientist but most scientists are agreed on the truth of the global warming threat. When a respected scientist speaks who has a name reasonably well known to aquarists it carries more authority within the hobby. The name is Dr J. Veron (known generally as Charlie for some reason). Owners of the book ‘Aquarium Corals’ by Eric H. Borneman will recognize the name, as the foreword in that book is by him.

The point is that the probable future of wild coral reefs including the Great Barrier Reef has been made available on ‘The Times’ website (‘The Times’ is a highly respected UK newspaper).

The link is to that website and should make interesting but worrying reading for all. Click on the ‘Related Links’ and ‘Coral Bleaching Graphic’ as well (boxed on left-hand side of page), they’re interesting.   

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  2. Glad you found it interesting. It is worrying isn’t it!

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