Responsibilities, But Temporary


Sunday is the day I do my aquarium maintenance. As far as that is concerned, it’s done. There’s more this week though.

No I haven’t obtained more livestock¸ though I’m sometimes tempted particularly by that beauty the copperband butterfly fish, Chelmon rostratus, what a beauty it is. It does involve more livestock though, but they aren’t mine.

Peter is going away for a week with his wife, my 6 year old grandson Josh, and his wife’s parents. So yours truly is going to care for Peter’s marine tank, which I’ve done before. It doesn’t usually give any trouble, though once a metal halide bulb blew. The aquarium is bigger than mine and, like me, Peter tends to leave it alone and is not constantly fiddling. It’ll be interesting to see if I can spot anything new that has appeared.

That’s not the end of my aquatic responsibilities for the week. Josh has two goldfish, a silver one called ‘Cloudy’ and gold one called ‘Sunny’. They’re in a decent small tank, better than a goldfish bowl, with a small powered filter. They seem happy enough.

I also need to watch over Josh’s two fairly new rabbits. They’re white with a few small black spots on, and the fur is really soft. I forget the names, something to do with Star Wars – well, why not! Actually I like them, when the cage is approached they come to the front and stand on their hind legs very close to the visitor. Probably much like fish if the truth were known, they think there’s food about!

Anyway, here’s hoping they all have a good time on holiday, the humans that is, I’m sure they will. I’ll do my best to keep the other members of Josh’s family happy as well.

  1. Yes, it always seems like something can go wrong when you or a friend goes on vacation.

  2. Oh I hope not!

    I’d be in real trouble with Josh!

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