Return From Holiday – My Reef

I’ve recently been away on holiday (see ‘Holiday Time For Me And My Reef Aquarium‘). After the two weeks away, I didn’t know if there would be trouble, a disaster, or if all would be fine. Going home time for most marine aquarists causes some anxiety, not knowing what might have occurred. Read more

  1. I was pretty fearful when I took a trip to Mexico for Labor Day. Where in Oregon did you go? My best friend from childhood lives up there and it’s beautiful … visited Cottage Grove, Eugene, Portland. Do you post pictures to accompany your posts, or is there a gallery I’m missing?

  2. Hi Jeffry
    We went to central Oregon, a place called “The Pines on Sun River”. Its about 18 miles from Mt Bachelor, which is a snow resort. The nearest town of any size is Bend. On our travels we came within about 15 miles of Eugene.
    We do put up photos which are marine aquarium related, click on gallery. I haven’t put up anything for Oregon, but have now sent one (of Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the USA) and have asked Peter to put it with the post.

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