Saltwater Aquarium Related Videos From You Tube

I was poking around on You Tube looking at a few things (Sony PS3 to be precise – for my son honest) and whilst I was browsing I had a quick look through the saltwater aquarium related ones.

There was a few that I liked and thought that you might find them beneficial or at least a good watch anyway.

The first one goes to show how easy it is to make things out of egg crate. Egg crate is fantastic for use in the aquarium system. It can be used in so many areas – the sump, overflows, live rock stand etc. In this case a coral propagation unit is made.

The second one details a 200 gallon reef tank build. The thing I liked about this one was that it was not just a movie about the fish, corals etc but detailed how the aquarium was built and showed all the things behind the scenes.

The final one details at high speed how a 500 gallons reef tank was moved. I have to warn you that it does have the Benny Hill theme tune running in the background so if you dont like this tune then turn the speakers down.

Hope you enjoyed them. Have a poke around in You Tube – there are some great videos in there to check out.

We are currently looking at taking some movies of our own aquariums to share with you all. As they say ‘watch this space’