Share All The Interesting Aquarium Articles And News With Others

A short while ago we added a new area to the Aquarists Online website where anyone can submit interesting aquarium related articles, topics, news etc for others to enjoy.

It was not until recently that we were informed of a slight issue with the new resource.

‘People could not create an account to submit their content!’

Sorry about that and thanks Marie for letting us know.

Anyway this resource is an area which we have very loosely called ‘Aqua Newz‘. This is a resource which allows anyone who visits the site to be able to share content which they find useful, informative, interesting, thought provoking etc with others.

As we all know the internet is huge – there is a mass of information out there and I am sad to say that there is a lot of information which is well worthless. On the other hand there is also a lot of information which is exceptionally useful.

So how can ‘Aqua Newz’ help?

Aqua Newz can be used by anyone – it is a free resource. If you find any webpage on the internet in relation to aquariums which interests you etc then you can simply register for an account and then submit the link. Now that you have submitted the link other people to this resource will see the link and can read it if they so wish.

If you so wish you can also vote on the content.

Or on the other hand you can ‘bury it!’

Of course you do not need to submit content to this resource if you do not wish to do so. You can just pop by from time to time and see what other people have submitted.

If you own your own website in relation to aquariums and have content on your site which you believe will be beneficial to others then why not submit your own pages.

One thing to note though is that all submissions must be aquarium related. Any submissions which are not aquarium related will immediately be removed and persistent submissions of this manner will mean that you will be banned from this resource and your IP address recorded for future use if required.

We only want to deliver you valuable content even if this is not from our site.

I believe that over time this resource can become an area which is full of links to interesting articles and web pages all over the internet – however it does require that people use it.

When I find some good content on the web then I will be submitting to it and invite you to do the same as well.

The Aqua Newz resource can be located by clicking on News in the header.