Thank You To Our Sponsor

Marine Depot is currently a sponsor of Aquarists Online and both John and I thank them for doing so.

We can both highly recommend that you check out their websites. They have a huge amount of equipment, accessories etc available and they also have some unbelievable offers.

You should also have a look at their blog. It is a great read.

So thank you Marine Depot without yourself this site probably would not be possible.

If you are interested in sponsoring Aquarists Online then click here for further information

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  1. IS awesomely awesome. And I am COMPLETELY unbiased! j/k 😀 I dropped by the site this morning (Monday is usually a “blogging day” for me) and when I saw your post I got all excited. Thanks for showing us love … we’re throwing it right back at ‘cha. Aquarists Online is one of our favorite sites on the hobby so we’re proud to support you you and your endeavors.

    jeffry r. johnston’s last blog on the Radio

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