Thanks For The Praise And We Don’t Mind Criticism!

This website has been running for something over a year. In that time it has expanded and evolved considerably.

We, meaning Peter and I, like to think that the information on the website is useful to all aquarists and particularly beginners. Starting out in the hobby can be confusing with all the various equipment and livestock. Questions on a forum could also be the same as responders have their own opinions which are often different. The basics of running a fish only or reef aquarium are straightforward; it is afterwards when some experience has accumulated that the aquarist could vary procedures a little.

Anyway, we have tried hard to provide an A to Z service to simplify an aquarist’s progress. Articles, Forum, Blog, Social Area – we thought they’d all help. There’s even an electronic book to download to make life even easier. There’s AquaCompare so that equipment can be checked out once a choice has been made following research. Peter uses his technical abilities and writes and I write and assist otherwise when able (but not with computer gobblygook!).

Anyway, we thought it was reasonably good – but that is what we thought. The fact is, even if we feel reasonably satisfied it isn’t our opinions that are most important. We could be too close and not see faults.

We certainly don’t mind constructive criticism and we’ve had some. For example, we were advised that it was a pain and time consuming to have to sign on every time a video, for example, was to be watched. The criticism was correct and so the requirement was removed.

We’ve had more praise than criticism, everything from a simple ‘Thank you’ to ‘This is just what I needed’ to ‘What a wonderful site. Well done’. In addition to that, there have been Emails from well known sources who have stated that the site is doing a great job for the marine hobby and we should maintain our efforts. Some of these were from advanced aquarists who, because of experience leading to depth of knowledge, are no doubt more critical.

Criticism and praise, plus ‘hits’ on the website (currently in thousands a day) are indicators that are used to help us keep on track.

This may all appear to be us simply ‘patting our own backs’. It isn’t meant to be, but a thank you to those who have contacted us in any way. A big thank you is given to those who have criticized and to those who have praised. All of these contacts enable us to judge if we are providing the needed content.

It may have been noticed that we have had guest authors writing for the Article section, and they are very welcome. Anyone who feels the urge, go ahead.

If anyone thinks the site can be improved in any way, with content or design, let us know. We’ll always listen and thank you for your time.