The Long Loud Silence

I thought I’d add my short piece to Peter’s words.

Since going on holiday for two weeks (in Arizona) all sorts have happened. As Peter has indicated, one of the two much loved grandmas has seriously deteriorated and now has to have 24 hour care. The time and work involved in making the necessary arrangements is quite amazing, though certainly not resented – grandma has given so much to my generation and particularly to my son Peter’s, and also to my grandchildren.

Things are ‘smoothing out’ now so life isn’t quite so hectic. I’ve managed to respond to comments on the blog and to entries on the forum.

My reef aquarium is doing well. I’ve just done a routine seawater change and the fish as usual attempted to obtain food by begging. The time sequence – that is the time periods that the aquarium receives for maintenance – has been completely out but it’s coming back on track.

As Peter says, we’ll start writing again soon. It’ll probably be me first as Peter is embroiled in projects and work considerations. I keep my fingers crossed for him.

So thanks for your patience.

  1. Hope all is well:)

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