The Seahorse Aquarium

These delightful creatures when seen in a shop ‘for sale’ aquarium could be like a magnet. Children in particular could pester their parents ‘Oh, please get one, please!’ However discipline needs to be applied. As with any other type of livestock, seahorses require and deserve a correct environment and proper maintenance. In addition, an attempt should always be made to locate aquarium bred seahorses as those that are in the wild are under some pressure.

Setting up an aquarium for seahorses is quite straightforward and the video is fairly comprehensive. In addition there is an article available on this site about the subject which gives more information – go to ‘Articles’, on the list click ‘Seahorses’, then click on ‘How To Set Up An Aquarium For A Seahorse’.

One point I noted with the video is that there is a fish in the aquarium; it’s a royal dottyback (Pseudochromis paccagnellae). In my opinion there shouldn’t be any fish in a seahorse tank – in other words it should be a species aquarium. This is because the fish out compete the seahorses for available food. There is an exception though and this is the pipefish, which has similar requirements to the seahorse.

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