The Wall Mounted Aquarium – A Living Picture

There are two types of [tag-tec]wall mounted aquarium[/tag-tec]. One is the type which you hang on the wall much like a picture – not great for a saltwater aquarium and to be honest I am not sure I like the look of them. Not a great deal of room for the fish to move about, what about the filtration, lighting etc – not for me thank you.

And then there is the other – a full size aquarium which is fitted into the wall so that only the front glass is visble on the front. [Read more]

  1. There are plenty of good wall mounted aquariums. I got a great wall mounted aquarium from Bayshore Aquarium at Costco. My Damsels and Clown fish are doing great! Granted you won’t be able to do expensive fish (i.e. big ones), but I get a ton of enjoyment out my fish tank. – And, I only have to change 3 gallons of water every 3 weeks!

    Everyone should check out the wall mounted aquariums at or from another company… They are really cool! (and easy).

  2. please can someone tell me how to turn temperture down on my wall mounted fish tank as it is at 32c and I think this is too hot……….. I have not recieved any details with this tank so a little confused I have looked for hours on line for company but cannot find them. thank you

  3. Problems have caused this reply to be very late I’m afraid. You probably have your answer now anyway.

    32C is high – I run mine at 25C.

    Most aquariums are heated by heater/stats. These are glass tubular affairs with the heater unit at the lower end and the thermostat at the higher end. On the top is usually a ribbed ring or similar that will turn and this is how the heat is adjusted. Near this ring or other device will be an indicator of temperature ‘up’ and ‘down’.

    Before removing a heater from the water ensure it is unplugged and has had time to cool, otherwise it could crack.

    If your fish are seemingly ok at the current temperature, reduce the temperature slowly, at the most a degree or so a day. This will allow them time to adjust. Sudden changes are bad.
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  4. Thanks for the link to Got a great deal on a wall mounted fish tank there. Enjoying my two clown fish! Excellent wall fish tank!

  5. Hello.

    Glad we were of use and very glad all is going well.
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  6. I love the look of the full size aquarium, it makes the room pop.
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  7. A well set-up aquarium can be very decorative and is an enhancement to a room. Sometimes it offers serious competition to the TV.
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  8. Thanks for the recommendations to buy from Bayshore. I definitely recommend them based on the quality of their product and customer service. I bought a wall aquarium and love it. Bayshore Aquarium!

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