The Website – A Bit Of A Disaster!

I was having a look at one or two older articles and texts recently when I noticed that the ’read more’ facility brought me back to where I had started. Hmm, thought I. The ‘read more’ facility appears on some texts, and is at the end of the run-in paragraph. In other words, if the reader wishes to read the whole text he/she clicks ‘read more.’

So I advised Peter, my computer genius son. No problem thought I, he’ll fix it – always has done in the past.

Peter contacted me after a while. Thanks a lot was the first comment, and then he went on to explain that it looked as though we could have ’lost’ up to 130 texts, some of which were articles.

‘Oh great!’ was my initial response, or something similar and unprintable.

Later still, Peter advised that the loss was in fact a total of 80 texts or articles, not so bad but certainly bad enough. The good news he said is that the titles had been recovered, and there was the possibility that just maybe some of them, though not many, could be recovered from another source. The majority of the 80 look to have been ’lost.’

How this has occurred is not known. There have been no malfunctions that could have caused this loss. Anyway, it is as it is.

The lost texts and articles will be re-written and will appear again on the website. This of course will take time.

By no means have the majority of the articles and texts been lost, most are available as normal.

The website content is backed up in case of a serious ISP malfunction. However, the website backup also has the items mentioned missing – strange! One thing is for sure, and that is that the articles and texts will have an additional independent backup in future.

So back to the keyboard. Ain’t technology amazing – usually.