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Aquarium DIYThere certainly is and as far as marine aquarists are concerned it ranges from photographs and videos about the wild reefs, information and discussion on aquarium equipment, to setting up and maintaining a marine aquarium. Amongst all of this is something that is dear to many of us, and that is DIY.

DIY (do it yourself) covers a very wide range of subjects. Within reason, just about anything to do with ordinary mortals has a DIY aspect. For example gardening, home making, photography, boat and aircraft building, home brewing etc. There’s a lot of it.

The marine hobby is also home to a considerable amount of DIY. The cost of equipment, or at any rate some of it, is enough to make those with normal wallets blink a little. ‘How does a plastic whatnot like that get a price tag of that size?’ is not an unknown query!

Aquarists are often good at DIY and aim at projects that measure up to their abilities. Provided the job is done properly with good advice available there is money to be saved, and the equipment works well.

The link is a website that is about DIY. There is quite a range available. Perhaps it could be of use?

The website has a great deal of information in addition to DIY. The list on the left hand side shows this and exploring the site is interesting and informative in many ways relevant to the hobby.

  1. DIY can definately be a great way to customize. I love DIY upgrades or mods more than builds.

  2. Modifications to equipment are often not as daunting as complete builds. Sometimes the aquarist can improve on the manufacturer’s design – I can think of one skimmer where this was done by several aquarists very successfully. Messing with a manufactured piece of equipment can be a bit worrying though. In many cases they’re not the cheapest to buy and what if it doesn’t work? That’s the worry, though if a ‘pathfineder’ has already done it so much the better.

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