There’s More Than One Marine Aquarist

Er, yes, I think anyone could work that out for themselves! The thing is, marine aquarists are not alone and there is much experience to be had and made use of. Problems can arise, of course they can, and any help available is more than welcome.

Most households nowadays have access to the internet and this is the first place to go to when the demand arises. There are forums where questions can be asked. Others on the forum could have had the same or similar problems and could advise how they coped with it. Most forums are pretty reasonable and sensible – no, let’s be honest – daft answers are seldom given as other readers and members will jump on them quite quickly. Caution needs to be applied of course, but overall internet forums are very useful.

Then again, is there a friend or aquaintance who has a marine aquarium? If so, a word with them might be helpful, it depends on their experience. Talking, rather than typing, can often be more useful – if the question is poorly put or the answer is not understood then further questions can be asked and more discussion can take place. So if someone is known to be a marine aquarist, particularly if over quite a long period, then an approach to them is hopefully going to be positive.

Another way to gain use of others experience is to join a group or club. These are not in every area unfortunately but are not uncommon. An assurance can be given that not all the chatter is about fish and corals etc, sport and other interests arise. A good chatter over a glass of beer, sounds good! Also, aquarists are not all male of course, so the ladies could have a presence too. Ladies often have more patience in general so will listen to another’s woes and worries with interest and hopefully an answer or a plan of action will be found.

Another answering system could be a magazine targeted at marine aquarists. There is often a question and answer page. The usual problem here is the wait between question and answer.

The aquarist’s aquarium is his or hers. Problems can and do arise so despite the ‘privacy’ of the aquarium the aquarist is not alone and never has been. Of course the aquarist will or should be aware of the positive side of the internet and could really have an up to date aquarium book for reference. (There is a caution with books of course and that is as the book ages so technology advances.) So, if a problem that doesn’t seem to have an answer arises, there are ways forward.

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