Things you need to consider when keeping a salt water aquarium

A lot of people, when considering the possibility of starting their very own [tag-tec]salt water aquarium[/tag-tec] are initially put off because they either believe or have been told that keeping a [tag-tec]marine aquarium[/tag-tec] is hard.

Marine AquariumThere are also others that believe that this hobby is very expensive.The truth is that having your very own slice of the ocean is not hard – as long as potential aquarists research as much as possibly they can both prior to starting and whilst running their aquarium then a fantastic home salt water aquarium is within reach of everyone who is interested.

The biggest challenge that any aquarist faces is conflicting advice and when someone is starting out then this can become very frustrating, quite often to the degree that they never start. I know that when I started I researched and learnt as much as I possibly could before I even purchased an aquarium.

Conflicting advice can come from many areas – books, friends, colleagues, the internet and even more places. The truth is that you need to read all you can, listen to all the advice and are you ready – make up your own mind as to what is best for both you and your aquarium.

Look at it this way – if you ask various aquarists how to [tag-tec]filter an aquarium[/tag-tec] then no doubt you will get various answers. Yes, they are all correct but if you are a newcomer to this hobby then possibly you will not understand all these options and easily become confused.

Whatever happens do not become pressured or influenced in any way into implemented something which you are unsure about – research it and then make up your own mind,

Another aspect which I mentioned briefly above is cost – yes this hobby is more expensive than keeping coldwater fish but it does not mean that it has to cost you an absolute fortune. Decide upon what you want to keep, choose the size aquarium you want, cost up all the equipment and see how much it all adds up to. If it is to much then get a smaller aquarium. I guarantee that you will be able to fit an aquarium setup into your budget (within reason!)

Marine Fish A big aspect to me is that aquarists must be devoted to the life in which they are entrusted with. For this you need to be able to ensure that you will be able to devote a couple of hours a week to perform the required maintenance.

If you can then that’s great.

If not then you have two options really. One is to get someone else to perform the maintenance on your behalf, the other is to find another hobby. That may sound a bit harsh but if you cannot find the time to provide the required maintenance and care for these live animals then you should not take up this hobby.

Another thing that I must stress is that you must be open-minded. There are so many people with so many opinions in relation to this hobby. Listen to everyone and then make up your own mind. There are several ways in which a marine aquarium can run successfully. Who cares what you use or who makes it? The important thing is that the equipment is necessary, works fully and reliably, and the life we are keeping is properly supported and thriving. What is the point of having high-tech equipment which some may be recommending if your livestock are struggling? This is not to say I am against advanced technology. I am not. Provided all necessities are met, there is a lot to be said for “keep it simple and succeed”.

My motto is :

If it works – stick with it and use it.
If it doesn’t – change it or modify it so that it does.