Trouble Finding Aquarists Online with Google?

Recently, Google decided to do an ‘overhaul’ of it’s system. Why?….well, that’s a good question! The change has caused considerable consternation to many many websites including this one. For some reason, Aquarists Online has disappeared onto page I don’t know what. It is still there, type in the proper title and there it is, straightaway – Or, and easier, just type in Aquarists Online.

If problems continue, then try the search engines Bing or Yahoo – type in Aquarists Online, or Marine Aquarium Blog, or There it is, no problem.

Eventually the Google thing will be sorted out. In the meantime, I’ll just continue to growl!

Yes, I know, here I am trying to give assistance on Aquarists Online to those who can’t find Aquarists Online…….say no more!